Monday, February 25, 2008

80th annual Oscars

The 80th anniversary edition of the Academy Awards were dominated by European stars and films that played poorly at the box office, but averaged 32 million viewers, entering the record books as the least watched Oscar telecast in history.

There is a reason why.

Of the five pictures nominated for Best Film, only Juno grossed $100 million. Combined with the fact that foriegn films were the big winners and the poor hosting of John Stewart made this year's award ceremony a dud.

John Stewart was at his corniest. The Daily Show host's best joke was playing with his iPhone in the middle of a montage celebrating 80 years of Oscar awards. I thought the writer's strike ended two weeks ago!

As for the movies-BLEH! Although I didn't see any of them, I know enough about them to kknow most of them were depressing. Name one nominated movie with a happy ending (an unplanned pregnancy does count!) Unlike previous winners such as Crash, Little Miss Sunshine, or Million Dollar Baby, not one of these movies tryley stands out as a great or moving film.

Overall, the over-hyped Oscars recieved a 21.9 rating. For some reason, people seem to enjoy watching dry humor, judging dresses, and depressing movies, than you probably enjoyed the 80th Accademy Awards.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Roosevelt Franklin

Roosevelt Franklin is the name I decided to use for my blog.

Who is Roosevelt Franklin?

Roosevelt Franklin was a purple muppet on Sesame Street during the early 70s. Roosevelt was a cool kid who loved to speak in scat, rhyme and sing the blues. Although he was popular, he soon was deemed a negative steyortype of African Americans and was dropped from the show.

So why did I choose Roosevelt Franklin?

I needed to choose a name that was catchy and an image that would be easy to recongnize. So I picked the mosty forgotten muppet.

And now Roosevelt Franklin going out of sight!